My name’s Jessie. I collect words and get people.

Put those two together, and you get great communication.

I started collecting words at an early age, devouring books like decadent literary candy. By my sophomore year of college, I’d read every play Shakespeare ever wrote (plus a couple of questionable authorship.) I’ve read Infinite Jest… twice. There’s a flashcard app on my phone full of vocabulary words, so I can get my lexicon on while I’m chilling in the grocery store line.

Despite this, professional wordsmithery was an accidental career choice. Freshly returned from one adventure, lost in a haze of wanderlust, I started writing to fund the next expedition, crafting my previous travel stories into travel content. A year later (and seven months in India fully funded), this little side job has turned into a career. Working with a variety of clients, I’ve developed my skills for crafting well-written content, offering work that engages as much as it informs.

Soon clients started asking for more than blogs and articles. What began as the occasional diplomatic email or engaging newsletter text soon became day-to-day management of Zendesk accounts, comment boards, and social media. As it turns out, I’ve got a knack for handling people – even the disgruntled ones. Years of actor training was actually a “people studies” education, extensive hostel-hopping a crash course in human nuance. Combined with a sustained interest in effective space holding and therapeutic communication, I’ve developed a communication toolbox that works.

Now, I’m using those skills to create impact. My aim is to support non-profit endeavors and socially conscious for-profits by helping them build relationships, spread the word, and foster movements for a better world.

Need a communicator on your team? Let’s talk. I’m excited to hear your vision – and help you bring it to the world.