Content Creation

Your website is your calling card. It’s the cyber-equivalent of a firm handshake, your killer first impression. Great content can make it one that sticks.  Compelling, high-quality content draws in visitors, encouraging them to linger and deepening their relationship with you and your business.  Let’s talk about how engaging content can help your website make an even more fantastic first impression.

Curious? Check out these samples, or peruse the work below…

Patience & Change (essay)

Eighteen People Building A Box (start-up oriented blog)

Troubled Water: Understanding Environmental Racism (informational piece)

For AshtangaNicaragua and It’sYoga Nica

Digital Detox: Turn Off to Tune In During Our Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Nicaragua

“You might find that unplugging eventually becomes wonderfully freeing, allowing you to leave outside worries behind and focus on you. During an immersive yoga teacher training, when the focus is on personal growth, this internal focus can become quite powerful indeed. Scary though it may be at first, the digital detox arising from our Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Nicaragua is an extraordinary experience – one that we think will change your life for the better.”

Finding Happiness Through Yoga: David’s Ostional Story

“He’s checked out a few studios since his return, but none that are really appealing. After his experience in Ostional, it seems, “a studio is the most unauthentic establishment ever.” The yoga he experienced at It’s Yoga Nica was “just a pure and beautiful experience,” one he has yet to find again since his return.

‘If you haven’t had a grandmother in Italy make you tiramisu,’ he explains, ‘you don’t recognize how terrible store bought tiramisu is. I am happy that I learned Ashtanga in the traditional way, and from people who trained with Larry Shultz himself. I know I got all my money’s worth and more, even if I never teach yoga in Canada again. To me it’s far more than just a workout, and if I am to pass what I learned on to others, I want it to be authentic.'”


(As a contributing writer for EntrepreneurWiki since September 2014, I create well-researched, engaging profiles about inspiring entrepreneurs. Below are links to bios on a few fascinating folks. Enjoy!)

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